Round 17--------------------Carlton 40 def by Collingwood 94--------------------(Saturday)Geelong vs. Hawthorn 12:10pm MCG--------------------Fremantle vs. West Coast 2:10pm S--------------------Brisbane vs. North Melbourne 5:10pm G--------------------St Kilda vs. Western Bulldogs 5:10pm TD--------------------(Sunday)Melbourne vs. Sydney 11:00am MO--------------------Essendon vs. Richmond 2:10 MCG--------------------Adelaide vs. Port Adelaide AS

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hi every one

Friday, July 24, 2009

Results:Carlton vs Collingwood

Carlton vs. Collingwood
Q1. 1.5
Q2. 2.9
Q3. 3.13
Q4. 4.16
T0tal: 40
Injuries: Judd(Ankle)
Reports: None
Top 5 Dt: Murphy 111,Scotland 108,Carrazzo 95,Thormton 94,Bower 93
Q1. 5.4
Q2. 7.6
Q3. 8.8
Q4. 14.10
Total: 94
Injurys: None
Reports: None
Top 5 Dt: Swan 131,Cloke 122,Davis 115,Lockyer 103,Shaw 102
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jimmy Bartel and James Kelly back for Cats

Geelongs coach Mark Thompson said Today that Jimmy Bartel and also James Kelly will be a good chance to return for the Cats Grand Final rematch against Hawthorn. Also Steve Johnson is a chance to Return. Aswell as there captin Tom Harley and David Johnson who are also batteling with injuries. The cats and the Hawks have a strong rivallry between eah over.Geelong lossing 2 of the last 3 games. And hawks winning there last two with players coming back into form.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Results: St Kilda vs. Adelaide

St Kilda vs. Adelaide
St Kilda
Q1. 4.4
Q2. 10.6
Q3. 13.13
Q4. 15.15
T0tal: 105
Injuries: None
Reports: None
Top 5 Dt: Ray 160,Baker 142,Gram 134,Hayes 134,Fisher 124
Q1. 4.2
Q2. 5.2
Q3. 5.4
Q4. 7.6
Total: 48
Injurys: None
Reports: None
Top 5 Dt: Bock 119,Goodwin 97,Stevens 95,Doghty 95,Johncock 88
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