Round 17--------------------Carlton 40 def by Collingwood 94--------------------(Saturday)Geelong vs. Hawthorn 12:10pm MCG--------------------Fremantle vs. West Coast 2:10pm S--------------------Brisbane vs. North Melbourne 5:10pm G--------------------St Kilda vs. Western Bulldogs 5:10pm TD--------------------(Sunday)Melbourne vs. Sydney 11:00am MO--------------------Essendon vs. Richmond 2:10 MCG--------------------Adelaide vs. Port Adelaide AS

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Results: Geelong vs. Melbourne

Geelong vs. Melbourne
Q1. 7.4
Q2. 9.9
Q3. 14.13
Q4. 17.15
T0tal: 117
Injuries: None
Reports: None
Top 5 Dt: Selwood 131,Chapman 126,Ablett 121,Mackie 117,Hogan 104

Q1. 0.2
Q2. 3.2
Q3. 7.3
Q4. 11.5
Total: 71
Injurys: None
Reports: None
Top 5 Dt: Green 97,Moloney 96,Morton 92,Grimes 87,Bate 85

Is the good news for geelong tell us what you think

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